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I always knew time was our most precious commodity, but it never ceases to amaze me the significance of 15, 10, 5, or even 1 minute. This applies to both my personal and professional life.

- I realized last night it took me less time (by about a half hour) to put my son to bed if he was in bed 15 min. earlier.

- My son is a much less rebellious kid if I spend 20 min. a day giving him undivided attention (he has a new sister he is adapting to)

- Feeding a baby, even 2 minutes earlier when hungry makes a HUGE difference

- Missing a CMBS wire cutoff (by minutes) could cost a borrower thousands of dollars in interest as they would get charged interest for the full month. (Thankfully, I have not had to learn this the hard way, but I did develop an ulcer trying to come up with every solution to not miss this deadline)

- Getting Committee approval on a bank loan quickly could save a borrower a huge re-trade (especially in today's market)

- Completing the paperwork for the borrower to lock a life company loan when they thought they had an hour and 3 mins. to complete vs. 3 min. (Mountain time vs. PST) can save the borrower thousands in their payments.

I have often been called impatient when it comes to closings.

I like to call it respectful of time's significance :).

Time - cherish it, value it, respect it. The significance of 1 second can change a lot.

Contributed by Shelly Dunbar, Senior Vice President


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