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MAC Matters.

MAC Language, sounds bad. Why does it matter to you!

From a Lender's perspective, Material Adverse Change Clauses (MAC) create space for lenders to adjust terms to current market conditions. Perhaps, a quoted loan is no longer profitable for the lender due to programmatic changes or radical movements in the market.

From a Borrower's perspective, the lender is not honoring agreed upon terms. Perhaps, the lender is using changing market conditions for the their benefit.

Both are true, in a sense. However, enforcing a MAC clause is bad a look for lenders and is typically a last resort. We have not experienced MAC changes in the current cycle, but have heard it is happening.

My suggestion, pick a capital advisor and lender with a solid reputation in the market. If you do not know the lender, pick the right capital advisor with a history of leveraging lender relationships. Learn more:


As your exclusive advisors, CommCap utilizes proprietary systems, market expertise, and years of experience to secure aggressive financing options that best fit your property. Exclusive correspondent and servicing relationships with Life Insurance Company, CMBS, and Agency lenders ensure a broad and in-depth representation of current market conditions. Our team of advisors craft a loan structured to enhance revenue and allow you to focus on increasing cash flow.

We do not list, sell, manage, or lease property. We only arrange financing and are the best at what we do.

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