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Rates As Of July 10, 2023


Kicking off the second half of 2023, the 10-year Treasury surpassed the 4.00% mark, once again. The current challenges faced by regional banks, with depositors moving assets to larger banks, money market funds, and bonds, have caused them to pull back on leverage and require substantial deposits. In addition, due to lower CMBS volume this year, other lenders, including life insurance companies, national banks and credit unions, have emerged as competitive alternatives to fill the void. National banks are now more competitive than they have been in years, while credit unions offer rates below the market average and highly flexible prepayment terms. Life insurance companies continue to provide certainty of execution, most competitive rates, early rate-locks and streamlined closing processes.

As yields fluctuate, "current rates" quickly become obsolete. However, spreads remain applicable and fitting to deal characteristics. The experts at CommCap are here to help you understand goals and navigate the current market providing access to multiple lending sources, early rate-locks, cash out refinancing, and more.


As your exclusive advisors, CommCap utilizes proprietary systems, market expertise, and years of experience to secure aggressive financing options that best fit your property. Exclusive correspondent and servicing relationships with Life Insurance Company, CMBS, and Agency lenders ensure a broad and in-depth representation of current market conditions. Our team of advisors craft a loan structured to enhance revenue and allow you to focus on increasing cash flow.

We do not list, sell, manage, or lease property. We only arrange financing and are the best at what we do.

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