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Regional Banks Hold 13.8 Percent of CRE Debt

Regional Banks Hold 13.8 Percent of CRE Debt, Not 80 Percent: Moody’s Analytics Some interesting news from the Commercial Observer last week. Moody's just came out with a report stating regional banks hold only 13.8% of CRE debt rather than the 80% experts had estimated earlier. It's tough to know which is correct but if that is the case, it is a much less worrisome picture being painted.

The article goes on to state there are still headwinds for regional banks and CRE investors with rates where they currently are but alternative lending sources are widely available to bridge potential gaps when refinancing. I can attest to that.

Our long-term fixed rates lenders are in the mid to high 5% range right now with the drop in the 10-year UST. Short-term lenders are generally higher and range from the low 6's up to the mid 8's depending on your lending source.

Contributed by: Sebastian Torres


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