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Recently Financed - Caliber Collision

Commercial Real Estate projects are rarely simple, there are obstacles to navigate, deadlines to meet, and countless scenarios to consider. By enlisting CommCap Advisors, borrowers can trust that their investment is in good hands and that our team will navigate a wide range of potential lenders and terms to ensure the best possible outcome. As leaders in the field, we can proudly say that a large number of our deals are through past-client referrals.

Recently, thanks to a client referral, a borrower reached out to Andy Crawford for assistance in the financing of Caliber Collison.


  • As the property was undergoing tenant improvements throughout the acquisition and closing process, finding a lender proved difficult

  • There were strict time constraints and the borrower needed to finance before tenant improvements were complete due to IRS Code 1031 Exchange

Why CommCap?

  • Andy leveraged his experience and identified a bank willing to underwrite for a tenant not yet in business

  • Locked rate in January prior to market volatility providing borrower certainty of execution

This single-tenant deal was sourced and closed with a 10-year term, fixed rate $3,680,000 bank loan with a 4.00% rate.


Contact today for current rates!


As your exclusive advisors, CommCap utilizes proprietary systems, market expertise, and years of experience to secure aggressive financing options that best fit your property. Exclusive correspondent and servicing relationships with Life Insurance Company, CMBS, and Agency lenders ensure a broad and in-depth representation of current market conditions. Our team of advisors craft a loan structured to enhance revenue and allow you to focus on increasing cash flow.

We do not list, sell, manage, or lease property. We only arrange financing and are the best at what we do.

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